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2pc. Electric Guitar Acrylic Pickup Routing Templates - 10 most popular pickups!
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This 2-piece set of acrylic laser-cut and engraved templates provide you with 10 separate magnetic pickup routing templates, one for each of our most popular varieties of magnetic p'ups. From the Soapbar P-90 to the Snake Oil Mini Humbucker, standard Strat-style single-coil to the lipstick tube, they are all here. Simply lay the template on your cigar box (or another instrument build), scribe the opening onto the surface with a sharp pencil, and then route it out and install your pickup - no more guessing or over-cutting! If any final sizing is needed, use a file to do fine-adjustments.

We carefully tested these with our actual pickups, to make sure they were compatible with both the pickups and the cover plates we sell to match them.

Here are the 10 routing template openings this set provides, along with our specific pickups they match:

1) Single Coil (without Cover Plate) - Use this to route and drill an opening for one of our basic single coil Strat-style pickups, when you want the pickup to come right up through the instrument's soundboard without using a cover plate. Matches our products 54-001-01, 54-002-01 and 54-019-01, along with their pre-wired harness versions.

2) Single Coil (with cover Plate) - same as above, but with a larger/longer opening to use when you intend to cover the pickup with a cover plate. Fits the same pickup varieties as #1.

3) Chrome/Gold Covered - fits our chrome and gold enclosed/covered pickups (product #54-008-01 and 54-018-01, and their pre-wired equivalents). Use of a cover plate recommended.

4) 4 & 6-pole Harnesses - for use with our pre-wired 4 and 6-pole magnetic pickup harnesses, product #54-020-01 and #54-006-01. The perfect size opening to accommodate the pickup body but still small enough to be covered by the cover plate that is included with these products.

5) Lipstick Tube - creates an opening to accommodate our 54-014-01 Chrome lipstick tube and 54-022-01 gold lipstick tube pickups. Note that this opening is large enough to accept the full body of the pickup - use of a cover plate with it is recommended.

6) Mini Humbucker (without Cover Plate) - for use with our 54-008-01 chrome "Snake Oil" humbuckers, 54-021-01 chrome oval-hole humbuckers, 54-034-01 gold "toaster" humbuckers and other "mini" humbuckers. This template includes the screw holes and is meant for use when you want the pickup to come right up through the soundboard without the use of a cover plate.

7) Mini Humbucker (with cover plate) - same as above, but a larger opening than the whole pickup will fit down in, for use when you intend to use a cover plate.

8) 4-pole Bass - for use with our 54-005-01 and 54-017-01 covered bass guitar pickups. This opening accepts the entire pickup, with the mounting tabs, so it is best used with a cover plate.

9) Soapbar P-90 - Fits our 54-007-01 classic soapbar-style pickup, with a bit of room to spare. Will work without a cover plate, though use of a snugger-fitting plate can help it look less "loose".

10) Full-size Humbucker - this opening accepts a standard full-size humbucker (such as our 54-004-01 and similar humbuckers), and is sized for use with a cover plate, such as our 51-031-01 chrome or 51-046-01 gold humbucker rings.

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